Senator Geoff Schroeder's Voting Record

S1038 – "Freedom in Education Savings Accounts (FIE)"

EDUCATION COMMITTEE – EDUCATION. Adds to existing law to provide for eduation savings accounts.
Senator Schroeder voted against this bill. Read more about S1038.

S1025a – Marriage Licenses

JUDICIARY AND RULES COMMITTEE – MARRIAGE. Amends and repeals existing law to revise certain requirements regarding marriage.
Senator Schroeder voted against this bill. Read more about SB1025a.

H0220 – School Athletic Events

STATE AFFAIRS COMMITTEE – SCHOOL ATHLETIC EVENTS. Adds to existing law to require cash be accepted for entry fees to school athletic events.
Senator Schroeder voted against this bill. Read more about H0220.

H0082 – Dietary Supplement Act

HEALTH AND WELFARE COMMITTEE – IDAHO DIETARY SUPPLEMENT ACT. Adds to existing law to enact the Idaho Dietary Supplement Act, which provides that the production, marketing, distribution, sale, and use of dietary supplements that were legal as of July 1, 2022, in Idaho shall remain legal in Idaho, regardless of any changes to federal law or regulation.
Senator Schroeder voted against this bill. Read more about H0082.

S1163 – Minors, Harmful Materials, Devices

STATE AFFAIRS COMMITTEE – PROTECTION OF MINORS. Adds to existing law to establish the Parental Rights Protection of Minors Act to protect minors from exposure to harmful materials on certain devices.
Senator Schroeder voted against this bill. Read more about S1163.

Vision, Issues, & Values

Geoff Schroeder Is An Experienced Politician Who Will Fight For The Communities In Idaho’s District 8

Supporting Small Government

One major issue facing Idaho is the increasing push to adopt sweeping statewide legislation to address nonexistent, hypothetical, or purely local problems, problems best resolved at the local level by the parties with the most knowledge of the issue.

Knowing The Community’s True Issues

Too frequently, the “fix” is both unnecessary and creates consequences in the rest of the state far worse than the problem it purports to solve. As our preamble states, “We believe that the most effective, responsible, responsive government is government closest to the people, and the sovereignty of the state must be protected. That government is best that governs least.” 

Local Government First

Creating new laws when there already exist laws to address problems, or creating laws to solve nonexistent problems is making government larger, not smaller. Our state government needs to take a step back and allow those governments closest to the people to do their jobs without needless new roadblocks.

Experienced Representation

I have the experience necessary to evaluate proposed legislation with a view toward the effects it could have, not just on the problem it purports to solve, but on those across the state faced with implementing and complying with it. I frequently encounter statutes that could use minor tweaking to make more clear how they are to be applied, and how courts have interpreted them, so local officials like police officers, city and county officials, and the general public have clearer guidance as they go about their day-to-day activities.

Keeping Education Focused On Pressing Issues

Our valuable and essential education system in Idaho is under attack, and it is the duty of the legislature to protect it from efforts to divert its constitutionally mandated resources elsewhere.

Education Is Part of Idaho Heritage

Article IX, Section One of Idaho’s Constitution states: “The stability of a republican form of government depending mainly upon the intelligence of the people, it shall be the duty of the legislature of Idaho, to establish and maintain a general, uniform and thorough system of public, free common schools.” An act “to establish a public school system and to provide for the maintenance, and supervision of public schools” was passed by Idaho’s territorial Legislature in 1875- fifteen years before Idaho became a state. Idaho’s commitment to educating its citizens- a public good- predates statehood.

Investing In Our Future

Idaho has derived incalculable economic benefit from the wisdom of our founders in investing in a uniform and thorough system of public schools, including our institutions of higher learning that have pioneered research in agriculture, mining, forestry, engineering, and education. Those who deride and criticize our educators and our system of education do so from a position of ignorance, not experience or evidence.

Support For Our Agriculture & Local Economies

Forestry, Mining, and Agriculture are crucial to the economic stability of our community in District 8. 

Water Resources

With growth comes increasing demand for water, which is critically scarce in some areas of District 8, reflected in declining aquifers. Balancing the needs of growing cities with the needs of agriculture and other beneficial uses requires skilled and careful monitoring and intervention where appropriate under the vast body of Idaho water law. I fully support aquifer recharge efforts.

Environmental Regulations

I believe in balancing people’s rights to use the land productively without overreaching federal mandates. I support the state’s efforts to assume management roles that are given to it by the federal government. Idaho needs to fulfill its managerial role in an effective and responsible manner, and we must ensure that we have we have allocated the resources to allow Idaho to continue to have primacy in environmental matters.