Senator Geoff Schroeder's Voting Record

S1038 – "Freedom in Education Savings Accounts (FIE)"

EDUCATION COMMITTEE – EDUCATION. Adds to existing law to provide for eduation savings accounts.
Senator Schroeder voted against this bill. Read more about S1038.

S1025a – Marriage Licenses

JUDICIARY AND RULES COMMITTEE – MARRIAGE. Amends and repeals existing law to revise certain requirements regarding marriage.
Senator Schroeder voted against this bill. Read more about SB1025a.

H0220 – School Athletic Events

STATE AFFAIRS COMMITTEE – SCHOOL ATHLETIC EVENTS. Adds to existing law to require cash be accepted for entry fees to school athletic events.
Senator Schroeder voted against this bill. Read more about H0220.

H0082 – Dietary Supplement Act

HEALTH AND WELFARE COMMITTEE – IDAHO DIETARY SUPPLEMENT ACT. Adds to existing law to enact the Idaho Dietary Supplement Act, which provides that the production, marketing, distribution, sale, and use of dietary supplements that were legal as of July 1, 2022, in Idaho shall remain legal in Idaho, regardless of any changes to federal law or regulation.
Senator Schroeder voted against this bill. Read more about H0082.

S1163 – Minors, Harmful Materials, Devices

STATE AFFAIRS COMMITTEE – PROTECTION OF MINORS. Adds to existing law to establish the Parental Rights Protection of Minors Act to protect minors from exposure to harmful materials on certain devices.
Senator Schroeder voted against this bill. Read more about S1163.


Re-Elect Geoff Schroeder Republican Idaho Senate District 8

Geoff Schroeder

Geoff Schroeder, candidate for Idaho State Senate, District 8

I grew up on a ranch 8 miles outside Kamiah, attended kindergarten through 12th grade there, graduating in 1984. I went on to the University of Idaho and there joined the Idaho Army National Guard in 1986. In 1987 I became a full time active duty guard member, and was transferred to Mountain Home in 1990, where I’ve lived ever since. I retired from the Guard in 2007 after serving in Iraq with the 116th Brigade in 2004-2005.

After retirement, I was elected to two terms to the Mountain Home city council, in 2007 and 2013. In 2012 I finished the degree I started in 1986, earning a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Boise State University. As part of my degree, I interned with a law firm serving local governments, assisting them with comprehensive plan rewrites, drafting ordinances, assisting with legal research, and testifying in legislative committees on issues affecting local government and schools. After graduation, I continued working for the firm in a consulting role. Finding the work rewarding and enjoyable, I decided to attend law school, and graduated from the University of Idaho College of Law in 2018 and was admitted to the bar that same year, and am now an associate attorney at the same firm, where I’ve worked for the past 10 years.

I currently serve as attorney for 16 cities and a countywide library district, located in 12 counties across 10 legislative districts. The cities I represent range in population from 14,000 to less than 100, in counties ranging from Idaho’s smallest to its fourth largest in population. Each day I deal with issues facing those cities, and how best to legally address those issues. I attend multiple city council meetings each month and I am continually impressed by the sense of duty and commitment these officials have in serving their citizens.

I am also a prosecutor or deputy prosecutor for 5 cities, prosecuting misdemeanor and infraction crimes. I’m in a courtroom nearly every week dealing with judges, defense attorneys, defendants, victims, police officers, and court staff.

Having lived a very rural lifestyle for the first 18 years of my life, and having lived in a city for the past 32 years, I have an ability to understand the needs of those who cherish a remote rural lifestyle as well as the requirements for orderly growth and use of land in the close quarters of a city.